Let Niche Jet build sites for you that will rank on page one in Google in ONE WEEK!

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My friend Josh Spaulding built a simple site few months ago.

The site is backyardgardening.org, and it now ranks
NUMBER ONE in Google for its primary keywords
(backyard gardening).

Josh has been creating sites like that for a few
months now, and the results are simply astounding!

Google's second big Panda update has come and gone,
and our sites continue to hold their rankings. There
was ZERO affect on them from Google's update.

But what does this mean for YOU!

Well, since telling you about that site, we've received
a number of requests asking if we can build sites that
follow our proven methodology.

Josh decided to do a little test to his personal email
list to see how much interest there was in a service
that built these kinds of sites, so he offered to
build one for the first 25 people who wanted to buy one.


Because of that CLEAR demand, Josh decided to create a
service where you can order your own custom built
niche sites that follow our proven methodology.

We do EVERYTHING for you:

1. We do the keyword research.

2. We register the domain name.

3. We give you free hosting for a YEAR on our
state of the art servers (or you can transfer
the site to your own hosting if you prefer).

4. We install and configure WordPress with our
seven-step formula that's proven very successful.

5. We provide a custom written, Copyscape-passing
unique article tailored to your niche as the
home page article.

6. We drip feed content to your site from Article
Builder, providing 100 days of fresh content.

7. We setup a link-builing campaign to really
kick-start your site's ability to rank in the
search engines.


We have a streamlined system in place for building
the sites efficiently without sacrificing quality,
but even so we're limiting the number of sites we
initially build to 300 so our highly trained
employees don't get overwhelmed.

So if you want a custom built, search engine optimized
niche marketing site but lack the technical skills
and SEO know-how to build it yourself, this is YOUR DAY!

Don't wait, these 300 sites will go FAST.

Check out Niche Jet Now !!

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Exact steps Brad took to make $16,776.05 profit with 5 minutes of work!‏

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Hey guys, like the title of this email says, my friend Brad is
going to show you the super simple steps he used to
make almost $17k in profit, and counting, with only about
5 minutes of "work". 

First, take a long at this screenshot Brad just took:


So, gross revenue from this one single Adwords group was almost $20,000.
After the fees Brad paid Google, he actually
pocketed almost $17,000!

… and all Brad did was this:

1. Opened Niche Finder (http://nichefinder.bradcallen.com)

2. Entered one of the competitor's website URLs for the product
Brad was going to promote.

3. Clicked start.

4. Niche Finder then returned a list of keywords that were
highly related to the competitor's website.

5. Brad chose those words with a high CPC value. Yes, he actually
looked for those keywords that had a high cost
per click. The reason is because he wanted to find words
that sent "buyers" to my site, and not browsers. Typically
the keywords with high CPC numbers are the ones sending
good visitors. And that's what Brad wanted.

6. Looked for keywords with the Adwords bar at least 40% full.

7. Looked for keywords where the difficulty column was
between 35 and 65. Brad didn't want super easy keywords to rank
and he didn't want super difficult ones either.

Now, Brad know this strategy has nothing to do with ranking
keywords in Google, but those are the "magical" difficulty
numbers he has used to find the BEST keywords to use with
Google Adwords… and you can't find this with any other
product, anywhere.

7. Once Brad had the keywords, he opened his Adwords
account and input the 20 keywords he found with Niche Finder.

8. Brad wrote a compelling Adwords ad and let it run. 

9. And voila… Brad actually pocketed almost $17,000
from this ONE single Adwords group, using the keywords he
found inside Niche Finder.

And, get this, that's only ONE adwords group. Brad
has 5 MORE running, selling this one product, using
more keywords he found after rinsing and repeating
the easy steps he listed in this email… bringing
the total earnings to $24,909.05!

See these screenshots to see Brad other 5 groups!


These steps are ones that anybody can follow.
The key is finding "good" keywords and this is
brain dead simple following the exact steps Brad listed above. 

If you're one of many that struggle making Google
Adwords work OR just can't seem to make many sales with
your website, it's because the quality of visitors
hitting your site is either too small OR not there at all.

Use Niche Finder and follow the steps above and
Brad can guarantee you'll get MUCH more targeted
people visiting your website through Adwords
and Google's Free listings,which will increase
your website's conversions and your
bottom line!

Click to Visit

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Generate Huge Lists of Niche with Keyword Snatcher

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Keyword Snatcher is John new tool for generating HUGE lists of niche keywords that other webmasters don’t even know about, is now LIVE!

Let me remind you that it will only be available for 5 days — from June 21st through June 25th.  After that John is pulling it from the market and it will no longer be available.

In A hurry? Go get your copy now:

Keyword Snatcher

Not quite convinced?  Read a few of these incredible testimonials sent in by users:


Can’t Get Any Better Than This…

Hi Jonathan,

I’m very impressed with how versatile Keyword Snatcher really is,
with regard to how fast it pulls in over 3,000 keywords on my chosen
niche and how “up to par” these keywords truly are.

I’ve purchased all your software and I have to say this is another
sleek piece of software you’ve manifested indeed!

Please keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Dr. John Chen


Great Keyword Harvester From Jonathan…

This keyword tool is a breeze to use and quickly produces
bucketloads of keywords for you to put into use.

I have used other keyword tools but this one does produce a
comprehensive list of keywords along side of which are the details
of where they rank in the Google, Yahoo and Bing popularity lists.

These are the suggestions that appear when you are typing your
keyword into the the search engines. You can if you wish just opt
for just one of those search engines.

Even if you have other keyword tools this one will be a good

Nige Evans


I’m loving this Software Jon…

I’ve been using the new software and am finding lot’s of keywords
in my niches that I just didn’t have before! I’ve got more than I
know what to do with to be honest!

This is a cool tool simple to use and best of all beats Google’s
freebie KW tool hands down for great phrases! Support brilliant as

Lynne Ivatt

Check out more testimonies from  Keyword Snatcher

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How to find niche product to sell?

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For most internet marketers like me, I will rely heavily on keyword research tool to find profitable niche. Most keyword research tools like Google own Keyword tool gives you good information on how competive a niche is based on the number of searches and advertiser competition. It will also generate keywords list for you based on the a website URL .

For example, I did a search on weight loss on google and found this website http://www.lookcut.com/

I enter the website in Google Keyword Tool and it generates a list of useful results for me in seconds!

From the results, you can see what keywords are getting high search volume for the month of July.

You can also check the number of advertisers advertising for the keywords.

Based on all the results, all I can say that weight loss is a very very competitive niche and of course very profitable if you can get your website to the top 10 rankings just like http://www.lookcut.com/

If I want to going into this niche, I will use a powerful keyword research tool like Keyword Elite to help me find keywords with less competition and reasonable monthly searches a month.

So how does Keyword Elite help me?

First of all, I will use KE to generate 1000 keywords for me related to weight loss.

Then I will use KE again to analyse the 1000 keywords based on number of searches and competiton.

Once I have got a list of low competition keywords with about 10,000 searches a month, I will use KE to sort the keywords into different category.

The sorted keywords will be used for my Adwords campaign to promote a good weightloss ebook which I have found from clickbank.

You have to test your campaign by doing split test using ad groups to get the best conversion. Higher conversion means more money.

I am just giving you an overview of how you can find a profitable niche product to sell. Getting a sale involves more than testing your campaign. You also have to test your landing page, the headlines, sub headlines, call to action because your landing page will be the first thing people see when they click on your ad.

So you have to engage your visitors to do something on your landing page like signing up for a newsletter about weight loss. Once they signed up, you can follow up with them until they buy from you. This may sound like alot of work but once you have perfected your campaign and landing page, money will flow in automatically.

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How I made an affiliate online sales using Keyword Elite

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Just want to share with you guys how I made an affiliate online sale for a a new product I promoted using Keyword Elite.

It happened about 1 year ago.

Visit here to see how I do it. I will show you the actual steps I took to make my first affiliate sale.

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