Let Niche Jet build sites for you that will rank on page one in Google in ONE WEEK!

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My friend Josh Spaulding built a simple site few months ago.

The site is backyardgardening.org, and it now ranks
NUMBER ONE in Google for its primary keywords
(backyard gardening).

Josh has been creating sites like that for a few
months now, and the results are simply astounding!

Google's second big Panda update has come and gone,
and our sites continue to hold their rankings. There
was ZERO affect on them from Google's update.

But what does this mean for YOU!

Well, since telling you about that site, we've received
a number of requests asking if we can build sites that
follow our proven methodology.

Josh decided to do a little test to his personal email
list to see how much interest there was in a service
that built these kinds of sites, so he offered to
build one for the first 25 people who wanted to buy one.


Because of that CLEAR demand, Josh decided to create a
service where you can order your own custom built
niche sites that follow our proven methodology.

We do EVERYTHING for you:

1. We do the keyword research.

2. We register the domain name.

3. We give you free hosting for a YEAR on our
state of the art servers (or you can transfer
the site to your own hosting if you prefer).

4. We install and configure WordPress with our
seven-step formula that's proven very successful.

5. We provide a custom written, Copyscape-passing
unique article tailored to your niche as the
home page article.

6. We drip feed content to your site from Article
Builder, providing 100 days of fresh content.

7. We setup a link-builing campaign to really
kick-start your site's ability to rank in the
search engines.


We have a streamlined system in place for building
the sites efficiently without sacrificing quality,
but even so we're limiting the number of sites we
initially build to 300 so our highly trained
employees don't get overwhelmed.

So if you want a custom built, search engine optimized
niche marketing site but lack the technical skills
and SEO know-how to build it yourself, this is YOUR DAY!

Don't wait, these 300 sites will go FAST.

Check out Niche Jet Now !!

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SEO Business Box, Make Money Running SEO Business Without Doing Anything!

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According to SEO Business Box, automating your SEO business whenever possible is a must and which no SEO professional can do without. Why is it considered necessary to automate your SEO business? Let’s consider that you are running several SEO campaigns concurrently and have many tasks and details to keep track of. For example, keyword research, optimizing on-page elements, web site formatting and tweaking, and so forth. If you are to do these tasks manually, you are very likely going to spend a chunk of time on these tasks, time which is better used elsewhere, such as finding new clients to expand your business. Also, there is always the chance that you might commit some human error in the process.

Think about it. If Internet marketers out there were to spend their valuable time painstakingly writing content for blogs and site directories, finding and sourcing out each and every individual backlink, managing every forum profile and posting, they won’t get very far at all before fatigue and exhaustion set in. Being successful in SEO is a numbers game. You want to create a massive amount of backlinks ranging in the thousands in the least amount of time. Doing things manually is simply not the way to go if you want to run a successful SEO business.

Which is why SEO professionals and Internet marketers are searching more and more for sophisticated and state of the art software tools to help lighten the load and get some worthwhile on page SEO done. There are several criteria that come into play when determining what to look for in a great software tool.

  • Smart analysis – Sophisticated SEO tools will handle on-page elements like tags, formatting, keyword density, coding and images with ruthless efficiency and effectiveness. They can analyse these on-page aspects and give precise details and information on what should be done to optimize the elements.
  • Multiple directory submission – Any software tool worth its salt should be able to submit your articles and content to the most relevant and high authority sites. They also constantly update their site database so that your content gets syndicated on only the best directories.
  • Great help service and constant updates – Perhaps no other factor is more important than whether the creators/managers of the software tool constantly update and maintain their tool so it stays relevant and up to date. The Internet is a constantly changing place, and software tools must stay relevant or become obsolete and useless. A creator who constantly interacts with his customer base helps a lot too, to gather feedback to make improvements to the product.

A great software tool will take care of the small stuff so that your SEO runs even while you are asleep. More importantly, it should contribute significantly to getting your sites to the top rankings. Learn more on how you can make $24,800 a month running SEO Business from home!


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Starting An Online Business? SEO Courses Are a Great Way to Start

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First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the rabbit bring you wealth, joy and happiness!

Today, I would like to discuss about starting an online business. Out of the various raw materials you would need to have a successful online business with, have you considered an SEO course? If you haven’t, then you are certainly missing out on something that can really take your business in a very positive direction.

1. A good SEO course can tell you what the search engines are actually looking for. As an online entrepreneur, your main intention is to become visible on the search engines because this is where people are looking for information. But, search engines have different parameters on which they work. It is only a proper SEO course that can tell you how you can best optimize your business website for the search engines, so that it shows up as a top result when someone looks for information in that niche.

2. When you learn through a good SEO course, you learn how to bring your customers to you, and not the other way round. You learn how to check out things like the keywords they are really looking for and the intensity with which they are looking for that particular information. Once you know this, you can improve your website with those commonly-searched keywords. The SEO course will also tell you about some technical improvements you can make such as use the keyword in the right density and in the right place and so on.

3. After you know how to search engine optimize your website in the right manner, you will be able to publicize your own brand as well. You can keep whatever name holds your fancy, and from your SEO education, you will know how to give prominence to your brand on the Internet. You could make a household name out of your brand if you played your card right.

4. Remember that most SEO courses are not merely about searching the most popular keywords, but they need to use various technical aspects such as registering high-potential domain names, setting up web-hosting, devising autoresponders and so on. You might need someone to help you in understanding these various concepts and tell you how and where to use them. The right SEO course could guide you in that.

5. One thing that good SEO courses will teach you is about the right link building methods. On the Internet, the idea is to share and share alike. Entrepreneurs need to share their traffic with each other; this is what leads to multiplication of prospects. Through link building, you can achieve just that.

6. The power of press releases just cannot be undermined. Press releases are official announcements of something special that your business is going through. They have an aura of authenticity and they can attract the most serious buyers. SEO courses must teach you how to use the power of the press release to the hilt.

Apart from these there are hundreds of other things that you should know—how Google’s PageRank works, how you can use video and audio tools to reach out to your audience better, how you can syndicate your content, how you can create a sales page for your product, how you can set the right price and so on. All of these things make a good online SEO course. Even if you are getting half of these features in a package, then it’s a package that you can go for.

Daniel Tan’s SEO Business Box is geared towards teaching people how to start an SEO Business. It has many insights and gems about running SEO works and how to rank your website to Top 10 in Google. You can learn more about SEO Business Box here.

In my next post I am going to talk about how to make money running SEO business without doing anything. So stay tuned!

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How did I add over 95 posts automatically in May

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If you notice in May, I have added over 95 posts. And the posts are added automatically!

So how did I do it?

Well, I actually signed up for One Way Links.

This system will automatically add articles or posts to your wordpress blog. Also you can add your own articles in other’s people wordpress blog. This way it will bring alot of traffic to your blog.

All you have to do is to assign how many times you want your articles to publish to other’s people wordpress blog. For example, I have a post I got my paycheck again from Google!

I can assign in the One Way Links system that I want this post to be published 50 times across the thousands of wordpress blogs that are in the system.

Each month I can publish up my posts up to 250 times. So just imagine the extra traffic that you can get. Remember more traffic will equate to more money.

You can try out the system for just $7 per month. So what are you waiting for, sign up for One Way Links today.

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Get Unlimited ‘Authority’ Backlinks For Unlimited Webpages

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A new link building system has just been launched and I’m in!

In my opinion, the uniqueness of this system are two folds:

1) Every article you submit is distributed to hundreds of sites.

- Most other services only distribute to a handful, which means more articles need to be prepared.

2) It builds backlinks to the webpages where your articles are published!

- They call it Dual-linking system. It is an ingenious concept!

- What it means is the backlinks that you receive from this system carry more weight and authority, which will boost your search engine ranking further.

I like the system. You should get in too.

Moreover, the system has just been launched. If you get in fast enough, you can still enjoy the early bird discount of up to 50%!

The spots are taken up fast. Go get it before it’s gone!

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