Exact steps Brad took to make $16,776.05 profit with 5 minutes of work!‏

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Hey guys, like the title of this email says, my friend Brad is
going to show you the super simple steps he used to
make almost $17k in profit, and counting, with only about
5 minutes of "work". 

First, take a long at this screenshot Brad just took:


So, gross revenue from this one single Adwords group was almost $20,000.
After the fees Brad paid Google, he actually
pocketed almost $17,000!

… and all Brad did was this:

1. Opened Niche Finder (http://nichefinder.bradcallen.com)

2. Entered one of the competitor's website URLs for the product
Brad was going to promote.

3. Clicked start.

4. Niche Finder then returned a list of keywords that were
highly related to the competitor's website.

5. Brad chose those words with a high CPC value. Yes, he actually
looked for those keywords that had a high cost
per click. The reason is because he wanted to find words
that sent "buyers" to my site, and not browsers. Typically
the keywords with high CPC numbers are the ones sending
good visitors. And that's what Brad wanted.

6. Looked for keywords with the Adwords bar at least 40% full.

7. Looked for keywords where the difficulty column was
between 35 and 65. Brad didn't want super easy keywords to rank
and he didn't want super difficult ones either.

Now, Brad know this strategy has nothing to do with ranking
keywords in Google, but those are the "magical" difficulty
numbers he has used to find the BEST keywords to use with
Google Adwords… and you can't find this with any other
product, anywhere.

7. Once Brad had the keywords, he opened his Adwords
account and input the 20 keywords he found with Niche Finder.

8. Brad wrote a compelling Adwords ad and let it run. 

9. And voila… Brad actually pocketed almost $17,000
from this ONE single Adwords group, using the keywords he
found inside Niche Finder.

And, get this, that's only ONE adwords group. Brad
has 5 MORE running, selling this one product, using
more keywords he found after rinsing and repeating
the easy steps he listed in this email… bringing
the total earnings to $24,909.05!

See these screenshots to see Brad other 5 groups!


These steps are ones that anybody can follow.
The key is finding "good" keywords and this is
brain dead simple following the exact steps Brad listed above. 

If you're one of many that struggle making Google
Adwords work OR just can't seem to make many sales with
your website, it's because the quality of visitors
hitting your site is either too small OR not there at all.

Use Niche Finder and follow the steps above and
Brad can guarantee you'll get MUCH more targeted
people visiting your website through Adwords
and Google's Free listings,which will increase
your website's conversions and your
bottom line!

Click to Visit

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    First time i visit blog. I found very interesting stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep update stuff regualry.


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    Awesome information to know, you can bet that I’ll return so I can learn more ways to make money! Thanks for sharing.

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