Review of 7 Figure Secrets

Filed Under (Blogging, Reviews) by James on 02-08-2008

Ok, I finally got the time to review Mike Filsaime 7 Figure Secrets.

You see I bought 7 Figure Secrets somewhere in June when I got an email from Mike Filsaime  about his new 7 Figure Secrets report.

I went to the website and was shocked to learn that I need not pay anything but just the shipping cost to get a copy of the 7 Figure Secrets report and also the Marketing Dot Com magazine as you can see in the picture below. I would not miss this incredible deal so I bought it.

Here is my review of The 7 Figure Secrets report:

The 7 Figure Secrets report detailed all the necessary information on how you can start an online business, building traffic and even how to pay lower tax if you are a business owner. Just take a look at the contents page and you will see that the 7 Figure Secrets report is jam packed with great information. The information is also clear and easy to understand.


One very important lesson that I learnt from 7 Figure Secrets report is that you must master the art of building traffic and lots of it. Next important thing is that you must be able to know to convert those traffic into buyer.

The reason why you want to start an online business is of course is to make money and lots of it. You can have the most well designed website but if nobody visit your site, then it is simply not going to make you any money at all.

7 Figure Secrets report is suitable for people who wants to start an online business, the stuffs that Mike Filsaime taught in his report can also apply to existing business owner be it online or offline. 

I give  7 Figure Secrets 5 out of 5 stars for great content, easy to read and understand and at the end of the day you can definitely benefit from it.

If you want to get the 7 Figure Secrets report and the Marketing Dot Com magazine, just click here to order. The best thing is you only need to pay for the shipping charges.


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